Sunday, 16 April 2017

Love, the greatest of them all

So ever been in love? Sure you have. No, am not just talking about romantic love alone. So you think there ain't another type of love? Think again.
Love is that emotion no one can escape from. You will surely agree with me, won't you? So here is a list of the types of love that exist around us.

Love for God
This kind of love for the creator is a different sort of love. It's the feeling of empowerment, contentment and spiritual connection you experience when loving the almighty God who created you.

Love for parents/elders
This love is what we have towards our parents. The family feeling, the love comparable to none towards humans. This kind of love gives us the feeling of security, of warmth, of belonging somewhere, sacrificial love.

Romantic Love
Who doesn't know this kind of love? It's the most spoken of. It commercially sells well too. This love is the one that gets you connected to a person in a romantic way. Hard to find and harder to keep. It gives you a sense of excitement, care and emotional connectivity towards the person you are romantically in love with. The butterflies, dilated pupils all are seen and experienced here.

Love for siblings and friends
The platonic love, that which you have towards your siblings and close friends. It's that kind of love that keeps you going when you need a shoulder to cry on or a ear to listen to your emotional or personal sagas.

So why am I talking about love today? Well you will soon know the answer. But let me tell you, this segregation (once told to us by our Hindi teacher somewhere when I was in the 7th Std) of love seems incomplete to me. Though I remember it extremely well. I stumbled upon two more kinds of love.

Here is what comes next...

The love of parents towards their children
This love is comparable to none and it involves time, sacrifice, patience, understanding, caring and unconditionally giving. Trust me, other than your parents no one can give that kind of love to you ever. Though exceptions are there.

And then comes the greatest of all love.
Guess which?

Love of God for us all
For God so loved the world that he gave his only son Jesus to suffer on earth and die for our sins so that the gates of heaven will be opened for us, so that through his blood our sins may be washed clean and we may be made new everytime we stand up against sin and overcome it.

Love isn't always about reciprocation, it's about selfless giving such was the love of Christ for us.

And he calls each of us today to love selflessly all those you encounter each day of your lives.

Today is the celebration of this greatest love on earth.

Wishing you all a happy Easter and may God's mercy and love fill each of your hearts, may you be renewed in Jesus and be a blessing to all around you.

No matter who you are, where your from, what you do, remember that Jesus loves you.

What is your idea about love? Let me know in the comments below.
Stay blessed and much love to all. 💗💗💗💗

Sunday, 2 April 2017

It's all about Time


Hello there, I know it's been a while since I wrote something out, but today I have managed to find some time to do the same and hence the title.

I believe everyone encounters a time phase where we tend to slow down, to take a step back and look at the current situation we are in. Well if you haven't experienced it yet it's time you do. Here I will list down 5 things that we need to keep in mind when we decide to slow down time and why we need to do it.

1) Time for you

We are so busy with everything we do our jobs, studies, businesses etal that we forget to give ourselves time. I am sure most of y'all remember as a child when we played a game we would say "time please" and take a small break. This life is also like a game and if you are reading this with curiosity it's time you said "time please". Trust me you deserve and need it.

2) Organise time

Well obviously we can't organise time but what we can do is organise the things we do. Set time for various activities throughout the day so that you avoid any wastage of time. Also cut down on the things you do daily so that you get more time. In short- set your priorities straight.

3) Time to think

Sure daydreaming isn't for all? I strongly feel that we need to sometime indulge in daydreaming. In doing so we get to know ourselves better. We think about our dreams, our goals, the things we have forgotten about, the things we are missing out on. Sometimes these small bits make our lives so much better. Also realise, it slows time relatively.

4)Time for nature

We are a part of this big expanding universe and narrow it down- we find ourselves in this beautiful planet (earth). Our mother nature as we call it. We feed on the resources we get from nature but we forget to experience it. It's high time we protect and appreciate our planet but I know most won't do it because we aren't connected to it. So pack your bags and get out of your homes, explore nature. Swim in a river, go on a hike, into a jungle if not a zoo. Connect. Sorry not through your phones though.

5) Time for Sleep

Yes you heard it right, as we get older and busier we miss out on our time for sleep. We tend to work overnight, study overnight but when we do so our brain cells get damaged further leading to low memory power, poor performance and other consequences. If you are reading this late in the night promise me this will be the last thing you do on your phone and jump right back into your beds.

Hope y'all find some time for yourselves soon and wishing y'all luck with it. I know how difficult it can get.
Much love to all and see you soon with something new. Stay blessed. Peace.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New year resolutions here we come

New year's resolutions

Happy new year to all you amazing people reading this and I wish you the best in all that you look forward to this year.

With new year comes new clothes, new shoes, new...? I am already out of words. But nonetheless we cannot forget our new year's resolutions.

I too have a list, ready to get me through this year and I am sure most of y'all have one too. But to all those who haven't decided on it yet, here are a few pointers you must check out before writing one down.

1) Health is wealth

Yes, we have heard that a million times. Yet we always manage to side line it, giving ourselves the right to satisfactorily indulge ourselves in unhealthy foods and eating patterns. Aware yet unaware of what we put our beautiful bodies through. Come on, let's have pity on ourselves and start this year with good food, what is it? Fruits, vegetables, meat and fish and we are ready to go. 
Don't forget to gulp down those gallons of water.

2) Exercise

Burn those stubborn carbs and free your body from all those toxins. Get fit. Feeling healthy and fit is the best way to feel more confident and get beautiful skin ( tried it myself). A bit of stretching, cardio, meditation and a sport of your choice and you are ready to rock your body this coming year.

3) Be happy

You heard it right, happiness is the key to your success and prosperous life. Happiness comes from within and you must be ready to be happy for yourself, for all the little things in your life that go unnoticed. Be happy that you are reading this, which means you are alive, breathing and ready to take on life the way it comes.

4) Love

Love others the way you Love yourself. I know it's difficult to do that, so to make it simple, remember to never hate and judge anyone and you have already begun loving them for who they are. 

So go out there and show your love but don't forget yourself. Self loving is never a bad idea.

5) Prioritize

Prioritize your stuff, could be your health, your self, your family, friends, your job,your children, your studies, et al. Knowing your priorities straight is the way to great stability in your life. It will help you give time to the things that are most important in your current life.

6)Give and share

Giving is just amazing, it's a must try, do it this year. It could be giving your time, your love, your support, your help, your warm hugs, your sweet kisses, your hands, your money and your heart. 

Share it all with every person you come across this year at least a thing or two, the blessings and happiness you will get in return will be unimaginable.

7) Hope and smile

I know the world is gloomy and dark and there seems no light to get through it and those days are not much far. All of us are doomed to have the bad, slow days but Hope and only hope will make things straight. Through this all, remember that SMILE is your only weapon. Putting out the darkness and spreading your light.

Remember that, your smile may be the only light someone else has in their lives.

8) Forgive and forget

This one is a tough one, it is difficult to forgive, I know and have been there too, but grudges aren't worth it anyway. By forgiving others you forgive yourself and with forgiving comes forgetting. Yes, forget those bad days, the crazy fights, the back stabs. But don't forget the lessons you learned from it all.

9) Second chances

No one is perfect, not even you. So why be so hard on someone else? Your family, friends, beloved ones, those that you come in contact with, give them those second chances, you never know- sometimes those chances are their parachute to new life.

Give yourself a second chance too, it's you after all. Your own self, you deserve that chance to get up and get going with those amazing aspirations you have and those extraordinary talents the world is waiting for.

10) Let it go

Stop singing the song already! 

You need to let go, let go of your past, your failures, your shortcomings, your fears , your inhibitions, your ex, your failed attempts. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and just do it.

Let go of the walls that you have built over the years, let the light shine on you.

11) Dream

Yes you know it, dreams are the only path that lead you to your destination. Don't give up on them, strive for them with everything you have and make them come true.

12) Pray
Prayer will sail you through rough seas. May your faith be the beacon of light when the shores are far away and also when you first leave the ground. So pray everyday. It will change your life.

Having said all that, you also need to get up and start writing your list already.

All the best and have a great year ahead. Much love and support to all your resolutions. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

First blog post, read to know

Greetings everyone!
Well as y’all can read the title, this is my first post here. What brought me here? Well I always  wanted to start my blog but as most of us are, I was lazy enough to not open a search engine and type “start a blog”. But here I am today writing this out so that I can tell you my story and give you a small introduction as to what I will be doing in this world of blogging.
Since my school days I was very much inclined towards writing, penning down essays, compositions, poems and write ups for my own satisfaction obviously. Most of my teachers loved what I wrote and would give me real good marks in essays/compositions for my exams. Sadly I never took up my writing skills any forward until now.

Here today I want to just take y’all through the journey of what I will be writing down. I want to tell you my story. Would you be interested? Well only time can tell. So as we go along I would love the both of us to discuss topics that interests us. What you are thinking is right! How could I possibly know what you want me to talk about? Well the comments will help us connect. I certainly hope you take out some time from your amazing life to bring to light a few subjects I could talk on.
So let me thank you in advance for all the support you will show in this new journey that I have begun. Starting this new year, be ready for the story of your lives! I know this ain’t a movie and getting dramatic is fun. But gear up to know me and share your thoughts with me. Also I would suggest all those who have a keen interest in telling their stories, to sign up and start your own blog too. Until tomorrow like and share so that many more people tune in to this blog.
wishing you a blessed and a wonderful year ahead. 2017 here we come.